The Twelve Metre Class

The Twelve Metre Class played a significant role in the development of yachting in the 20th century. Large graceful yachts, with good racing speed and manned by large numbers of crew, they were designed by some of the world’s greats: Johan Anker, William Fife, Alfred Mylne, Charles Nicholoson, Olin Stephens: it was inevitable that they would make their mark in history. Moreover, in her second life after the World War II, she has been the protagonist of the America’s Cup from 1958 to 1987: a important part of the yachting history, a perfect training for the most renowned designers of the period and for the test of some of the most advanced and innovative materials and technical solutions. 


And here, at last, is the long awaited definitive book of this spectacular Class which its followers have been looking for. It brings to life the history of this very special Class, focusing on its designers, owners, skippers and crews, and telling the story of how the class was conceived, its development, and its influence on the evolution of yacht design. Illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs and original lines plans of the boats, it also includes a complete register of every Twelve Metre ever built, giving details of designer, builder, first and following owners, current home port and sail number.


This beautiful tribute is a complete history of the Twelve Metre Class ever completed of which a remarkable number of the early designs have survived.


                              Preface by Olin Stephens



Chapter 1             The 19th Century : the Search for a rating Rule
Chapter 2             The International Rule
Chapter 3             The 12 Metre of the First Rule (1907-1919)
Chapter 4             The Second and Third Rule
Chapter 5             The 12 Metre of the Second and Third Rules (1920-1939)
Chapter 6             Twelves and the America’s Cup (1958 - 1987)

Chapter 7             12-Metre Influence on the Evolution of Yachting

Chapter 8             A new summer...


Boxes:                   Olympic Games and the Twelve Metres


                                Veronica K 10

                                Vim US 15

                                Intrepid US 22

                                Australia II KA 6

                                The Hall of Fame: biographies of the most important designers


Appendix               The Twelve Metre Register

                                 Index of Yachts in alphabetical order

                                 Index of Yachts by nation and designer

                                 Index of Yachts by the International Rules

                                 Index of Yachts by year of launch

                                 Index of Sail numbers

                                 Index of Yachts names

                                 America's Cup - Deed of Gift


Racing Records    Olympic Games (1908 - 1912 - 1920)

                                 America'Cup (1958/1987)

                                 World Championships (2003 - 2006 - 2007)

                                 European racing records (1908/2009)

                                 American racing records (1928/2009)